APN Settings For India

GPRS APN settings for all Network Providers

APN Settings for GPRS

Aircel APN Settings

Aircel: aircelgprs | Access Number: *99***1#

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Airtel APN Settings

Airtel: airtelgprs.com | Access Number: *99#

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Tata Docomo APN Settings

Tata Docomo : tata.docomo.internet | Access Number: *99#

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Idea APN Settings

Idea: internet | Access Number: *99#

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Reliance APN Settings

Reliance: rcomwap | Access Number: *99#

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BSNL APN Settings

BSNL 3G: bsnlnet | Access Number: *99#

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Vodafone  APN Settings

Vodafone : www |  Access Number: *99#

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MTNL  APN Settings

MTNL 3G Postpaid: mtnl3g

Prepaid : pps3g

Uninor APN Settings

Uninor : uninor
Uninor Access Number: *99#

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103 Replies to “APN Settings For India”

    1. Please find your unlock code here

      IMEI: 866162028162833
      Unlock Code 1 (v201): 81404566
      Unlock Code 2 (v3): 12195171
      Unlock Code 3 : 62346506
      Flash Code: 34464511

    1. Sorry,Currently we don't have solution for this Modem.However,our back-end team is working on this issue.

    1. IMEI: 358109024718675

      NEW ALGO CODE: 76339046
      OLD ALGO CODE: 50764604
      FLASH CODE: 63962311
      New Unlock Code: 27981121

    1. Currently We have not solution for this modem, Please Allow us some time will upload it as soon as possible

  1. I have a 3g modem, d-link connection manager,, I am not able to connect internet on it.
    my service provider is Vodafone.
    how can I do manual settings of internet.
    your help will be very helpful to me.

  2. tell me pls how can i use free internet by vodafone, reliance gsm, or any other network
    some of my friends using some apn tricks so can you help me

  3. Hi sir,my brother is using free internet from home i dont know but he did it by changing something apn no.so how can i use it.sir my modem is not working when i put a airtel sim in that it shows an error of remote computer not connected plz help me

  4. Hi Jigar,

    I appreciate your efforts and support.

    I have a TataDocomo 3G ZTE MF631 usb dongle which I could easily unlock using DCRAP. I could install the TataDocomo setup and within Mumbai I could successfully connect to internet, browse and download using a Mumbai Based Vodafone SIM with 3G plan. All I had to do is open the TataDOCOMO dialer, go to settings and add a new connection in the connection tab with the following details:
    Config name: Vodafone
    Dial Number: *99#
    APN: www
    I left the user name / password blank and also DID NOT the advance settings for DNS (Default: obtain automatically), PDP server (Default: obtain automatically), Authentication Mode (Default: CHAP) and PDP Type (Default: IP)

    When I am in Mumbai I can successfully connect using a 2G (Dialer shows ” E ” for Edge when in 2G Plan) or 3G plan of Vodafone.

    When I am in Vasai (my residence) since Vasai comes under Maharashtra Circle and for me its a Roaming location (although I pay local rates), the Dialer shows ” R ” sign and using the same connection config settings I am unable to connect. After trying for many times it connects once but then cannot browse any sites.

    Please advise if there is any other settings to be done for using this in a Roaming location/area.

    Your response to this will be highly appreciated.

  5. I think there should be a change in an APN, for all networks other than reliance it is *99#
    but for reliance it is *99***1#, it should be noted please…thanks

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